IHP is one of the world`s leading research institutions in the field of silicon-germanium electronics, and its electronic and photonic-electronic technologies and circuits are among the most powerful in the world. IHP offers research partners and customers access to its high-performance SiGe BiCMOS technologies with dedicated integrated RF and silicon photonics modules, as well as development support for dedicated process steps and devices. IHP’s portfolio includes the world’s fastest integrated SiGe heterobipolar transistors, and moreover special MPW runs with memristor devices for AI, with a graphene module for photonic devices, or with a backside redistribution layer for advanced packaging. The offer also includes support for the development of dedicated processes on single tools, or of process flows for special devices or interposer flows, as well as the adaption of existing standard process flows. Professional Process Design Kits (PDKs) for IHP’s SiGe BiCMOS and electronic-photonic technologies are also offered through the MPW service. This is the foundation for developing circuits with the world’s fastest bipolar transistors in the sub-terahertz range.