Since 1981 HITECH has been servicing the RF- and microwave market in Europe. HITECH offers Full Range RF and Microwave Solutions in three areas. Test & Measurement, Design & Simulation Software, and Components. HITECH is the premier European partner for Maury Microwave and Microsanj. With our team of application engineers we can assist you with:

•         Measuring Services of your RF IC’s such as load-pull, Noise, and Pulsed IV.

•         On-site training (i.e. RF-, load-pull-,  Pulsed-IV- and Thermal measurements)

•         Compact- and behaviour modeling services

•         Thermal characterisation incl. thermal compact modelling services

For Maury Microwave and Microsanj we provide first line support to companies across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the Benelux. Maury Microwave offers Measurement and Modeling Device Characterization Systems and Services. We are specialized in nonlinear passive, active and hybrid-active fundamental and harmonic load pull, non-50Ω X-Parameter modeling, pulsed IV Pulsed s-parameters plus compact transistor modeling, and ultra-fast/accurate noise parameters.

MicroSanj develops solutions for high resolution and high speed thermal imaging based on the thermoreflectance principle. These are used for microelectronic and optoelectronic devices and circuit thermal design and characterization with a focus on spatial, temporal, and temperature resolution. Their solutions are unique for their spatial- and time resolution which is sub-micron and roughly 50ns, allowing thermal characterization of power amplifier IC’s. Their solution can be integrated on almost any microscope.