GeMiC 2024 Lab-Tours

On Wednesday afternoon, after the conclusion of the conference, we offer different lab tours for all participants of GeMiC 2024. The lab tours take place in two different locations: ZHO, Lotharstraße, and BA/BB, Bismarckstraße. You can select multiple lab tours at one location (first come first serve).

Tours at location ZHO (Zentrum für Halbleitertechnik und Optoelektronik)

Address: Building LT, Lotharstr. 55, 47057 Duisburg

Meeting point: Main entrance LT building

Tour Cleanroom (30min): a brief tour around our 500qm cleanroom shared by Dept. Optoelectronics and Dept. Components for High Frequency devices. Get a glimpse on our lithography and epitaxy tools

Tour Electronic Labs (30min): a tour of our measurement labs including THz test setups, and optical labs.

Tour Photonic Labs (30min): a tour of our measurement labs covering setups for ring resonators, in-house fabricated photodiodes, and photonic imaging systems

Tours at Building BA

Address: Building BA, Bismarckstr. 81, 47057 Duisburg

Meeting point: Glass pavilion at entrance of BA building

Tour Communication Systems (45-60min): a tour of our terahertz laboratories located in BA building. These laboratories include several aspects of terahertz technology including: ranging, communication, 2D and 3D imaging, Spectroscopy and a self-built terahertz TDS setup.

Tour THz Antenna Labs (30min): a tour of various THz measurement laboratories, including a THz antenna measurement system, a cylindrical THz near-field measurement system and a THz near-field measurement system based on a robotic hand.

Tour PreSyse (30min): a tour of our PreSyse-Lab for presenting the opportunity of repeatable dynamic THz measurements for various trajectories in monostatic and bistatic scenarios with two robots. Measurements are accompanied by an optical localization system with µm accuracy.

 Tours at Location ZHOTours at Location BA
Tour / TimeCleanroom (ZHO)Electronic Labs (ZHO)Photonic Labs (ZHO)Communication Systems (BA/BB)THz Antenna Labs (BA/BB)PreSyse Lab (BA/BB)
 14:30 (10P) 30min14:30 (10P) 30min14:30 (10P) 30min14:30 (10 P) 45-60min14:30 (10P) 30min14:30 (10P) 30min
 15:15 (10P) 30min15:15 (10P) 30min15:15 (10P) 30min 15:15 (10P) 30min15:15 (10P) 30min
Additional tours (if requested)16:00 (10P) 30min16:00 (10P) 30min16:00 (10P) 30min16:00 (10 P) 45-60min16:00 (10P) 30min16:00 (10P) 30min